Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A little 4-year old talk

Brooke has had some interesting things to say lately. I needed to post some of them so that they are not forgotten:

1. While sitting on the futon the other day, Brooke blurted out, “There are a lot of gods.” I knew there had to be some reason this statement poured forth from her mouth, so I asked, “Brooke, there is only one God, why did you say that there is a whole bunch???” She intelligently replied, “Mom (in her don’t you know better tone), God is everywhere and one God cannot be everywhere, so there must be a lot of gods.” It made sense to her. I explained that God can do anything, including being everywhere, but she is sticking with her story.

2. While we were out driving (destination forgotten), we passed Home Depot. Brooke said, “Home Depot. That is where daddy used to work.” That is a true statement, so neither of us said anything to contradict her. Her thought, however, was not done. “….until he got fired!” I had to laugh because it just struck me as funny. Gary was quick to explain that there is actually a difference between quitting and being fired!

3. Brooke went with me to drop the boys off at school this morning. She is always sad to see them go, so there are a lot of hugs and kisses given away. This morning, one of Wesley’s friends, Cody, was being dropped off at the same time, so he walked by our car and Brooke said, “Hi, Cody!” He called back, “Hello, Brooke!” After he passed, Brooke said, “He thinks I am cute.” Now, I believe she is cute and daddy tells her all the time that she is cute, but this is a little much. As we pulled out, she started telling me how cute she thought she was. I told her that other people can tell her she is cute, but she should not talk about herself like that. I told her to tell someone else something nice. She thought for a short moment and said, “Mom, you are cute.” Thanks, Brooke, I thought to myself, as I pulled out of school still in my pajamas J. Then she blew it all by adding, “You are a twin with me. We are both too cute!”


Juliet said...

A word from your Great Aunt: "Brooke you are TOO CUTE"

I hope you keep a book for all the crazy things you kids say.

Once when Ann-Marie was young, she went about the house singing, "Why Am I SO Pretty." After I told her that that was being vain, she replied, "Well Popeye's girl was singing it." What could I do but laugh.

Ann-Marie said...

Oh, Michelle! You are so wonderfully balanced as a mom. Your kids are really blessed.

I'm glad Brooke's daddy tells her she's TOO cute. Being Daddy's little girl is a gift that lasts forever!

Wendy said...

"You are a twin with me. We are both too ute!" Oh, I LOVE it!!

And, you know, my Dad always used to tell us how special we were; how lucky he was to have daughters that were not only intelligent but also beautiful. It has made such a difference to me my whole life. He was/is such an example of the unfailing love and adoration of our Heavenly Father. What a good daddy your little girl has.

SturgillMom said...

You tell Brooke that I think she is too cute, too....and I am sure that you are "too cute" in your jammies, too :)