Friday, January 25, 2008

A 4-year old lazy chair

Now, the chair is not really 4-years old, but the person sitting in the chair is 4. Last time we went to Toys R Us, shortly after Christmas, Brooke was intent on buying this pink chair. I had to post some pictures of her in it, because she just looks so "comfy" (as she would put it). Thanks, Aunt Kari, for the gift cards!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanksgiving in January

I wanted to post some of the pictures that Gary has recently taken in our backyard. We have a "bluebird" that frequents our trees, and Gary gets much practice in photographing him. I was amazed this past week as I was reminded of the fact that we have been here in Ventura for three years now. It has flown by so fast! I am also very thankful for several things, and I wanted to share them.

First, I am thankful for the city in which I live. I think there is a place on earth specifically for each individual, and I am thankful that I have found my "home sweet home."
We love living in Ventura! As I drive the boys to school each morning, I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains and the majestic glory of the Pacific Ocean. I am so thankful to drop my boys off at a school where they are free to learn about God and enjoy their friends and environment. Then I pull into campus, and I thank God for my opportunity to do what I love, and to serve Him in doing it. So, each morning, even three years later, I am still so very overwhelmed.

This past week, I was also reminded how thankful I am for my health and for my husband. Brooke has been very sick, and I hate seeing her in pain. Gary has been so patient to be up with her every night, and to "wait" on her each day. My blood sugar got low at school one day, and
the paramedics were called. Again, I am so thankful for the Lord's constant watch over me. Everything was fine (after a few minutes and a few injections of glucose), but I was again reminded how fragile life can be. Gary, again, was so patient in coming to pick me up, and not make me feel bad about the whole incident. Thank God for patient husbands.
It has been a long yet busy week, but in the end, I can only say, "Thank you, Lord!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Little Princess

Brooke had her annual pictures taken this past week, and I wanted to share some of her best portraits. We had them done at JcPenny's. This was the first year (ever) that she did her pictures without shedding a tear. Yeah for being a big girl :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upwards Basketball Season Begins!

Andrew's team is made up of first and second graders. Unfortunately, none of his friends from church are on his team, but it will be a good opportunity for him to meet some new kids. He is coached by our family pastor's wife and son, for which I was very glad (they are a special family). Andrew is so much fun to watch on the court. He is not very aggressive. However, he did make one rebound that he immediately returned for one basket. Way to go Andrew!!!

Wesley's team has just 6 members, so he is able to play most all of the game. He was great on defense and in making baskets. Dad is his assistant coach, so I get to be the photographer and watch the kids. They had a super game, and every single player demonstrated great sportsmanship and great effort!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing like getting kicked in the mouth!

This is how Andrew looked when he got home from school today. I learned that, after I dropped him off in the morning, he was playing outside on the tire swing, and .........well, I am vague on the details, but Andrew ended up losing a tooth and having one very loose tooth. Thankfully, the lost tooth was one that was already loose. He is quite the chicken, though, and does not want anyone touching his loose tooth. As I write this, he is eating breakfast, and I must say is quite the master at being a "side chewer."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Time with Gramma and Poppa

Thank you mom and dad for flying out to see us over Christmas break. It seems like we all play a bit harder when they are with us. Mom and Dad have to go home and take a rest from their vacation :) The pictures above show activities including the following: Poppa and Brooke having tea, Gramma riding Wesley's bike, Poppa playing with the legos, Gramma with the boys on the tire swing, and a good game of pickle with Poppa and dad.