Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Birthday

I remember each of my kid's first birthdays, vividly. They did not do too much with opening presents, but they sure loved to dig into their cake. Well, we had another first birthday this past week. It was our puppy's first birthday. He had much the same reaction.

Yes, we celebrated our dog's birthday. We do not know his exact date of birth, but we did some speculating and calculating and have decided upon September 15th. We were very excited.....he was unaware. I know what you may be thinking, but hey, there does not have to be much reason for us to have cupcakes and a bit of a party!!!!

The kids suggested using peanut butter for frosting; yes, Buddy LOVES peanut butter! He licked the entire top of the cupcake before devouring the rest of it!

Wesley wrapped his present in newspaper, but Buddy was not interested in the present. He wanted more cupcake. We opened it, and he eventually ran off with the orange bone, a squeaky orange bone.

I think in the picture above he is still licking peanut butter off of his face. Happy Birthday, Buddy! We are happy to have you in our home.