Sunday, March 20, 2011

Annual Jog-a-thon

Thanks to all of the family members who helped support Wesley, Andrew, and Brooke and their school (Ventura Missionary School) as they completed a jog-a-thon. I wanted to post a few pictures of the event and to especially thank my more than generous family members :)

Brooke needed a little break after she had completed all 20 laps.

I was busy counting laps when Andrew was jogging. However, he was more than happy to "pose" for some pretend jogging pictures afterwards. Yes, those are Doritos in his hand! Not too brag to much on the kid (ok, maybe a little), but Andrew was the first one to complete all 20 laps. He was running with 40 fourth graders and 45 fifth graders. I asked Andrew if he was interested in running track, and he said, "No! it was too boring."