Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Forever Valentine!

I use this blog mostly to post pictures and updates of my three wonderful children. However, the foundation of any family is a good marriage. I thank God for the wonderful leader that my husband is in our home. He is my best friend, my most reliable confidant, and my wisest counselor. I thank God everyday for him, and I just want everyone else to know that I really love my forever valentine!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrew turns 9!

Andrew celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday! He had a party with the boys from his class on Tuesday; however, I took no pictures (oops!). Today, we went to the talent show at school and then followed that with presents and ice cream cake.

Andrew has 12 Webkinz; however, he still likes to get another one. Here he is with "Lava."

Money is fun! Today, we are going shopping!

I always let the kids pick their birthday cake type. Andrew wanted an ice cream cake, and I decided to be creative and try to make one. Let me just say that it sounds much easier than it was. They sure did enjoy the finished product, however!

I thank God for a nine-year old boy with a tender heart and a sensitive spirit. He has so many gifts---musically, rhythmically, artistically, and athletically; however, the best part of Andrew is his spirit! I pray that in another 9 years, he grows physically, but keeps that same spirit.