Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cottontail Day in Ventura

It is Cottontail Day in Ventura! Downtown Ventura held activities, animals, and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. The Easter egg hunt had too little candy for too many kids, and so they each got just two eggs. Andrew enjoyed feeding the animals and Wesley liked to climb in all of the things we would let him. Brooke just likes getting out. When we got home, she got out of the car and said, "Mom, I really liked the Easter carnival."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Wesley's Jog-a-thon

Wesley had a jog-a-thon at school today. Thank you Gramma and Mamaw for sponsoring him (at the last minute)! Knowing Wesley like we do, Gary and I both thought that he would run full out for awhile and then just collapse after about 6-8 laps. When we got home, he showed us the marks on his arm---one for each lap. HE DID 20 LAPS! He said they made his stop after that because 20 was the most they were allowed to do. He should sleep well tonight :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who is ready for spring break?

We are all very ready for spring break! Mine starts tomorrow, but Wesley has to wait until Friday afternoon. We decided we would take the kids to Knott's Berry Farm over spring break. I think Brooke thinks we are going to Disneyland, so she pulled out her Minnie Mouse attire. Oh well, we are all smiles!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Out after dark

I imagine no one likes turning their clocks ahead one hour. Really, who has enough time to spare to lose an extra hour? There are advantages, however. One thing the kids and I have enjoyed is that they can play outside much later. I have included some pictures of all three playing outside at 7:30 pm tonight. It is dark, but the porch light gives enough light to continue their play. I love seeing them play hard and play outside!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My army guy!

Andrew got his 6-year birthday pictures taken. He loves to wear his army guy clothes, so I decided to let him get his pictures taken in that. Here he is doing the "army crawl."

Wesley was able to get involved in a picture. He had a "secret" to tell Andrew and the photographer caught him.

Uncle Aaron likes this one, so he gets to get a little input. Thanks!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The last game

Wesley and Andrew had their last games today in our Upwards Basketball League. It has been such fun to see their skills improve and their great team spirit. I am including some pictures of both of the boys throughout the season. We have our closing awards ceremony this coming Monday evening, topped off with a magician. In my opinion, it will be topped off with Uncle Aaron coming in Monday night for a short visit (wait for some pictures of that :) )

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Please Pray!!!

Every day there sits before me a total of 131 students. Every day, I stand before them and teach them mathematics. But more than that, I hope I give them a look at a life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I stood before them all and faced them, as I do every day. Today, however, I faced them differently. You see... one of my students was killed in a car accident yesterday. She will no longer sit before me in class. I regret that I never really talked much to her.

I stood before my last class today, many affected by this tragedy, and I told them that I was a Christian, that Jesus Christ was an integral part of my life. I told them that if I can be of any help to them, that I hope they would talk with me.

Pray that God will use me at Ventura College. I count it a privilege to be able to be a light shining on campus, at least before these 131 students. The Lord has really brought many burdened students before me. I have another student, an 18 year old girl, who recently had surgery to remove her cancer. I mailed her a card on Monday and told her I was praying for her. She came up to me after class today to thank me for the card and tell me that the cancer appears to have returned.

I now have 130 students who will sit before me in class each day. Who knows what will happen to each of them before I see them next. Please pray with me and for me.