Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting ready for football season

The boys are signed up for the Ventura Buccaneers this year. They are excited about playing football, beginning in August. Today was the day that they had fittings for their equipment. I learned that it takes much work (and several people) to gear up a young boy with football equipment. After getting dressed out, the boys were ready to run into each other and do some body slams!

As a player, each of the boys has to raise $100.00 in donations for their football season. We were given $10.00 vouchers for some local restaurants to give to those who can help. While all of our family is not in our area and would not benefit from the vouchers, I still want to ask if anyone would be willing to help the boys raise their $100.00 each. Let me know and thanks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wesley is a teen; oops, I mean ten!

Yes, our oldest child turned ten years old today! What a blessing he is to the entire family. Wesley is the leader. He is the strong one. He is the giver of hugs for his mom, and he is the analytical mind of his dad. We love you, Wes!

We spent the afternoon at Golf N Stuff in Ventura, where we all played a round of golf. The boys then ventured out to the bumper boats and arcade games. After the time at Golf N Stuff, Wesley chose the shops where we would go to spend some of his birthday cash. His favorite two places to shop: Game Stop and Toys 'R Us. Top it all off with stuffed crust pizza and double decker chocolate cake. I think Wesley is going to be sick, but hey, it was fun!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One way to teach how to tithe

I must first thank my brother, Aaron, for his contribution to the following post. As his family was visiting last week, Aaron shared the video above with Gary. It was actually late one evening when I was putting the kids to bed, that I heard some loud laughter coming from the living room. I came into the room to ask them to quiet down, when I saw this video that Aaron was sharing with Gary.

The next morning, Gary pulled it up on our big screen TV and had the kids watch it. I must admit, my children now fully understand the Biblical concept of tithe. Now, my kids frequently ask me to put the "tithe rap" on my computer screen. I took the following picture of them while they were finishing up their version of the tithe rap. While rap is not my favorite type of music, I had to laugh as they danced around the family room: "Walk it out....."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A family visit

We were so excited to have some family come visit us here in Southern CA. Since most of our family is in the mid-west, it is difficult for them to get out here (except my wonderful parents :) )Aaron, Linda and their 4 kids came out for a week. I think the kids were most excited about the plane trip, but we kept them busy for the week and had a great time. The slide show is a compilation of our visit with them. Thank you, Aaron and Linda, for coming out to see us! We sure do love you all. When we were in the car after leaving them, Wesley said, "I sure do miss my cousins!"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The love life of a 3 1/2 year old

I found the current edition of Aaron Sturgill as a child----his son, Ryan. This morning, at breakfast, Ryan informed me that he hates kissing. I told him that I was going to give Uncle Gary a very big kiss. He put the glove over his face.

Then, Ryan (age 3 1/2) informed me that he has a girlfriend. The following were various parts of our dialogue: "Her name is Bekah. She is 6 years old." He likes the mature, older ladies. "She is Alex's girlfriend." Wait, I thought she was your girlfriend. The glove went back over his face. "I don't have a girlfriend now." The crisis and love triangles that are formed at this young age. I told him I would be his girlfriend. "No, you kiss Uncle Gary." I guess he doesn't want their to be a rivalvry.

I do have many pictures from my brother and his family's visit, but this one just begged for its own post!