Sunday, April 22, 2007

A new look for Poppa!

I had been away from the kids for a short time, and when I came back downstairs I found this on the refrigerator. Normally, just a nice picture of Gramma and Poppa, so we can remember how much we love them :) The magnetic doll clothes are Brooke's, but the idea was Andrew's, so they were both willing to take the credit. It made me laugh, upon seeing it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm!

The hi-light, of course, was Knott's Berry Farm. We were an hour early (due to a bit of misinformation), but we were ready from open to close. The kids did not run out of energy until we landed in the car at 11:00 pm. This morning Wesley said, "Today is going to be a pretty boring day after yesterday was so awesome. "

Fun at Golf 'n Stuff!

Our second stop was to go for a game of mininature golf at Golf 'n Stuff in Norwalk. Of course, Gary wiped us all out (with 4 hole in ones), but I must mention that I did get one hole in one. The kids had fun and did great. Wesley even earned enough tickets in the arcade to get a little something for everyone.

Spring Break begins

Our first stop after leaving Ventura was in Travel Town. We were able to get in and examine many of the old trains. We even went for a ride in a train.