Thursday, April 15, 2010

The toothless look for Brooke!

Brooke lost both of her two front teeth over the course of the past two days. It is nice to have them both out. She was not too happy when they were just hanging there. Yes, I decided to just get it all done with and pulled the second one out today. Now, she has her beautiful smile back!

As soon as they were both out, she wanted me to get a picture, so that "Gramma could see her missing teeth." This one is for both of her grandmas!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

If we've ever needed you, Lord.....

I remember a song that was sung when I was a teen---"Christ is all I need." I liked the voice of the one who sang it, and I enjoyed the song, but I remember thinking to myself: "That is a nice thought, but really how does that work?" I had great parents who supported me, and I attended a Christian school that trained me. I needed food and clothes, and I am sure, as a teen, there were many other things I felt I needed, too. Christ was important, and I loved Him and wanted to serve Him, but really: "All I need" seemed like a stretch.

I have grown up (physically and spiritually), and I think for the first time in my life I really get it. I have so many blessings----my parents, my husband, my children, my extended family, my job, my home......, but there is truly only one thing that I KNOW I cannot live without. That is Christ. I don't know how and when I finally came to this realization and made it personal for me, but the song below is one that I recently purchased, and have just listened to repeatedly.

I have good days, and I have bad days, but I never have a day where I don't truly need God. It is so peaceful knowing that He is always there, and it is always enough.

I have confronted many individuals this week, some saved and some not, who are in difficult, life-challenging places, and they need Him, too! I post this song for all of us, just as a reminder and maybe, a necessary prayer for you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday from the Beards! We do not want to forget the reason for this important day---Jesus' resurrection from the grave; however, we do enjoy the normal Easter eggs and traditions. After asking Andrew what they talked about in junior church, he stated: "Did you know there are two names for today. (Long pause) Easter Sunday and Resurrection Sunday."

I can only get about two decent pictures before we have to take one like the picture below. Yes, my children at their finest. (Please note: This was before all the sugar they got throughout the course of the day.)

I was very happy to have some beautiful flowers growing in my backyard. Brooke was more than happy to pose with this one.

Every Easter Sunday afternoon, we have the annual Easter egg hunt. I gave them a checklist of eggs that they had to find. It was more of an adventure than just "find any old egg." They enjoyed themselves, but kept looking at their "checklist" to check their progress.

One egg (for Andrew) was just a bit out of reach.
Yes, and Brooke this year, will be playing the Easter Bunny :)
Hope you enjoyed this day in the Lord's house and with fun with family.