Monday, October 3, 2011

Brooke gets baptized

Yesterday was an exciting day for the youngest member of our household! A couple of weeks ago, when I learned that we would be having a baptism service on October 2nd, I asked Brooke if she was ready to be baptized. She had attended the last class for kids on baptism, and she had completed a workbook on it, and we had talked about it with her. However, fear was the main reason that she gave for postponing this event.

When I asked her, she initially stated, "I don't know. I think I will be very afraid." I told her that sometimes it is scary to do the right thing, but I wanted her to consider doing it, and I let her think about it. She came back to me a few moments later, with a very brave face, and she told me that she had decided that she should get baptized now.

After she was done yesterday, I told her how glad I was to see her get baptized, and how proud I was of her for doing the right thing even if it was scary. She said, "It really wasn't so scary. I am proud of me too.......Well, not too proud :)"

I am thankful for her testimony in front of our church and even more in front of her classmates and friends each day.