Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of another Upward Season

Saturday was our last day of games for the current Upward basketball season at our church. This program is an amazing opportunity for our church to reach out to the community. Andrew enjoyed his 5th season of basketball. His skills improved and his love for the game did as well. Thanks to a great coach who helped Andrew learn the game even better. Andrew was glad to be joined by a couple of friends from school as well.

I had the privilege of coaching a cheerleading squad, consisting of first and second graders. Of course, Brooke was the "best cheerleader" on the squad :) It was our first year of having the cheerleading program included, and I loved it. We learned a pom pom routine to do at half time, and you would have been impressed with their great job! Gary has it on video; maybe, I will get it uploaded some day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another one turns a decade

Andrew turned 10 yesterday. Another one of my children hits the double digits :) Andrew invited three friends over to spend the night. I led the kids in an event of different games from the show, Minute to Win it. It was fun! The kids enjoyed practicing and completing the rounds.

Stacking the cups and then taking them down without falling was Andrew's favorite feat.
When I asked Andrew what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he said "dirt cake." Now, dirt cake is not really a cake. So, we decided to play it up good and tell his friends that I dropped the cake, and that we would just have to settle for eating some dirt. Andrew then proceeded to take a spoon and eat out of the potted plant in the center of the table. The kids loved it! A few moments later, one of Andrew's friends asked me, "Can I have some more dirt!" It did feel weird to have no birthday candles.

I just had to post a more recent picture of our newest addition. This just can't be a good thing (a dog with a balloon) :)

What a super weekend!!!!

I have been meaning to get this post up, but it has been a super busy week. Anyway, it was a Super weekend at our house this past weekend. Of course, the most obvious reason to anybody would be the fact that the Packers won the Super Bowl. Our whole house was quite excited for this victory.

At church that morning, however, we had a special visitor---Mike Penberthy. He was a former Los Angeles Laker who was on the team with Kobe and Shaq when they won the NBA finals. He is a Christian who is fervent in his faith and loves to share his love of basketball. Andrew is currently in his season of Upwards, so he was looking forward to having Mike sign his jersey.

Wesley got to try on the championship ring.

Another big event for our family was the purchase of a new vehicle. We have been needing to get a larger automobile, and the time came on Friday. Our Ford Explorer (which carried all 3 of my kids as babies) was nearly dead. Gary really wanted a jeep, but the practical side won out over the recreational side. See our new Chevrolet Traverse. It has already been so nice to have room to carry a few extra passengers.