Thursday, March 1, 2007

Please Pray!!!

Every day there sits before me a total of 131 students. Every day, I stand before them and teach them mathematics. But more than that, I hope I give them a look at a life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I stood before them all and faced them, as I do every day. Today, however, I faced them differently. You see... one of my students was killed in a car accident yesterday. She will no longer sit before me in class. I regret that I never really talked much to her.

I stood before my last class today, many affected by this tragedy, and I told them that I was a Christian, that Jesus Christ was an integral part of my life. I told them that if I can be of any help to them, that I hope they would talk with me.

Pray that God will use me at Ventura College. I count it a privilege to be able to be a light shining on campus, at least before these 131 students. The Lord has really brought many burdened students before me. I have another student, an 18 year old girl, who recently had surgery to remove her cancer. I mailed her a card on Monday and told her I was praying for her. She came up to me after class today to thank me for the card and tell me that the cancer appears to have returned.

I now have 130 students who will sit before me in class each day. Who knows what will happen to each of them before I see them next. Please pray with me and for me.


Juliet said...

Hi Michelle
It was good to read about your class. Late Uncle Bob used to say he was a better Christian working in the world.
Will be praying for you and your class as you are Light and Salt to them.
Love, Aunt Juliet

SturgillMom said...

That is so sad about that student. But I will pray more fervently for you to have witnessing opportunities with your students. You are a great teacher -- many teachers are too consumed with their subject to care about the lives of their students

Anonymous said...

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth!" I love you and of course Dad and I pray for you always!