Sunday, April 22, 2007

A new look for Poppa!

I had been away from the kids for a short time, and when I came back downstairs I found this on the refrigerator. Normally, just a nice picture of Gramma and Poppa, so we can remember how much we love them :) The magnetic doll clothes are Brooke's, but the idea was Andrew's, so they were both willing to take the credit. It made me laugh, upon seeing it.


SturgillMom said...

How funny, Michelle! At least they put the skirt on Gramma :)

Anonymous said...

I like my new skirt Brooke and Andrew!!! Papa looks great in his shirt. I can't wait until we really get to play with you! Just a few more weeks now. Hey, Brooke is that Molly's dress you are wearing! You look as cute as Molly did in it. Love you all. Gramma