Sunday, May 13, 2007

I love being a mother!

I want to start by apologizing for not blogging for several weeks. We have been busy, I forget the camera at appropriate times, and I have been very sick this past week---these are my excuses :)
I love being a mom---especially to three such great kids! We tried to get a picture taken of all of us, and the result is posted above. I was most impressed by Wesley's art work. He did a drawing of me in his art class at school. I was impressed, not by the accuracy of the drawing, but by the fact that he could draw a human face so well.
I must take a minute to say thanks to my mom---one of the world's greatest mothers. Thanks for being a great mom to me as a child and thanks for being a great friend, mother, and grandmother to me and my children, now that I am an adult. We all love you, MOM!!!

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SturgillMom said...

Wesley's drawing is amazing! I can't even draw a human face like that :)