Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Day at the Fair!

We met up with several friends to spend the day at the fair. (Above is just some of the group.) We were able to watch a pig race and a turkey race. Now, that is something you don't see everyday!

Andrew had fun with the bubbles (actually I had the most fun with those crazy things) and the rides.

Brooke and her buddy Malia got to enjoy some rides. I wondered why Brooke was NOT worn out when we got home at 7:00---one reason is she got to share the stroller with Malia.


SturgillMom said...

What a fun day! When do you guys start back to school? I am dreading the busyness of school, but am looking forward to the structure again - does that make sense?

The Beard Bunch said...

Yes! It makes perfect sense. The boys start this coming Monday; in fact, we go in for an open house today. They are very excited.