Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Night at the Races

Yes, it was Saturday night, and we all went to the races! Gary would do this every weekend, but once in a while, we all go as a family. There are a couple of things I must point out: first, it gets very cold later in the evening. Being on the oceanfront, the breeze really cools you down. Brooke and Andrew were in long sleeves, sweatshirts, and a blanket. I know it sounds strange to be bundled in a blanket in the middle of August, but that's how it goes here. Secondly, I am not a real race fan, but I mostly enjoyed the view (see the top right picture with the ocean to the left and the mountains to the right). It was a fun family night!
Wesley was at a friend's house, so I guess it was a fun family night, without Wesley. This brings up another thought. Wesley's friend lives in a multi-million dollar home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was interesting as I picked him up and he commented on the presents Cody got from his parents (valued at $500.00). It is a hard lesson for an 8-year old to learn---not to covet your best friends play-station 3, or nintendo wii. I am thinking it might just be easier to make sure my kids all have friends who are poor :)


Juliet said...

Wesly, Hang on to your friend Cody. God is no respecter of person and neither should we be. Both Wesley and Cody made bring a balance to each other. Trust Cody is from a Christian Home. It's always good to have a wide varity of godly friendships. Rich and Poor.
It was a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains.
Love, Aunt Juliet

SturgillMom said...

What a fun evening...I have to say that I am a little jealous of your cool-down and your beautiful view!

Unknown said...

Aunt Juliet is right, but if you were looking for a more carnal response...Just consider how fast technology is changing. THose friends are going to want to get the new WII next year and who better to give their old stuff too than Wesley?

Ann-Marie said...

I was an only child who got lots more presents over the years than any of my friends and cousins (I'm talking to you, Charity).

Tell Wes not to worry. When he's older, he'll appreciate any gifts he gets, instead of (like me) pining for the good 'ol days when I got lots of stuff. My "haul" has dwindled as the years passed by. And I've had to re-condition myself to get used to it.

Although, Mom still does spoil me!

Juliet said...

Last night I got thinking about Jonathan and David..The king's son and a poor shephard boy. They were very if I were the rich kid, I would want Wesley to be my friend,:)
Love again, Aunt Juliet

SturgillMom said...

Michael says that he is glad he has rich friends because then he can enjoy their cool stuff and not have to be the one paying for it!

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Michelle...what a nice blog you have! And what a beautiful family!