Thursday, November 1, 2007

Harvest Festival

Yes, my children look amazingly wicked, except for my sweet Brooke. Wesley and Andrew have so much Star Wars attire, that it just seemed natural to have them dress up as these creatures from the "dark side." Gary painted Andrew's face, and when Andrew washed it off later that evening, I told him I was happy to have my precious "good" boy back. Anyway, we had alot of fun at the church harvest festival, and came away with enough candy to rot all of our teeth :)

Brooke as Minnie Mouse; Wesley as Darth Vader; and..... Andrew as Darth Mall


Ann-Marie said...

I think Brooke is the cutest little Minnie Mouse ever. So adorable! The husband and I are big SW fans, so we think the boys' costumes look cool.

Do they make them in our size?

I said that to be funny, but they probably do, don't they? With all those conventions and Comic-Con and whatnot.

SturgillMom said...

Michelle, I enjoyed "catching up" on you guys! I am so stinkin busy that I never get a chance to blog anymore. Your family pictures turned out awesome! Cute costumes :) And, we too, enjoyed some smooshed fishy crackers. You can about imagine your brother going crazy with all of the fish crumbs being shaken all over the house!