Friday, November 23, 2007

Time to Trim the Tree

Our family custom includes trimming the tree every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. After a day of shopping, we buy the tree and get it decorated. It is always fun, and good this year to have my cousin Amy joining us. Everyone had a job---Michelle made the finger foods, Gary hung the lights, the kids placed the ornaments, and Amy made the bow to place on top of the tree. It is the start of the Christmas season for all of us---we have alot of fun and like to stretch it out for as long as possible.


Linda said...

What a fun tradition you have!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. At Thanksgiving, I usually think about our visit to your house Thanksgiving 2001 and being included in the tree-trimming tradition. That was very fun and so we started that tradition in our home. We weren't home on Friday, but we are planning to decorate our tree tonight. I'm still trying to figure out the finger foods to prepare--the only "acceptable" meal in our minds after taking part in your tree-trimming fest! :) Linda

The Beard Bunch said...

This year we had mozarella sticks, crackers and cheese, little hot dogs, cut up fruit, brownies, pumpkin bread, chips and salsa, and pizza bites. WOW, that sounds like a lot of food when I list it like that! :)