Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures---Take 1

A few pictures from Christmas Day at our home. After stockings, breakfast, and the Christmas story, the kids enjoyed opening their presents from Mom and Dad and from Mamaw and Papaw. Brooke loved her tea set, Mamaw! We had tea several times Christmas day :) One hi-light of the day was when Gramma and Poppa flew in later in the afternoon, and we were able to enjoy Christmas dinner and more presents that evening. Presents are not the most important aspect, but no one can deny that it sure is a big part of the fun. Andrew kept saying, "I love my presents, but I love Jesus more." He said it several times; I guess he wanted us to know that he had not forgotten the reason for the season!

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Juliet said...

Always good to see everyone. Looks like they had a great Christmas.!