Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fun with the camera

Gary and I got a new camera this past week (just in time for birthdays and Christmas), and I wanted to post some of the pictures I have taken and particularly liked. Gary has been really playing around with it alot more; he is more technical than I will ever be. It was important to me to get one with a good zoom. Anyway, enjoy the flowers of California in December.


Tina said...

I really like the picture of Brooke! You can't go wrong with sepia! So what kind of camera did you get? Everyone I know is upgrading! It is fun!

My only advice is that if it is digital - get prints as often as you would get film pictures. If you don't you will end up with too many pictures on a cd and too many to develop! I need to take out a second mortgage in order to afford all the prints I need!


Unknown said...

where is the christmas tree at? I was trying to figure out where in your house that picture was, assuming it is your christmas tree.

The Beard Bunch said...

Tina, I got a Kodak Z812. I looked at cameras like yours, the Nikon D50, but WOW, that is a nice camera and very fancy and very expensive :) I was looking for several things, and this one had them all: 12x optical zoom, easy menu and changing of features, quick capture time, and rechargeable batteries. Gary read several evaluations on it, and it rated very well. We are pleased :)

Aaron, Yes, that is our Christmas tree. The tree is in the living room in front of the picture window. I took the picture from the balcony of the upstairs overlooking the living room. Got it?????

Juliet said...

You may not get our beautiful snow, but you have those beautiful flowers that we can't have at this time of the year. :0) Love AJ