Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanksgiving in January

I wanted to post some of the pictures that Gary has recently taken in our backyard. We have a "bluebird" that frequents our trees, and Gary gets much practice in photographing him. I was amazed this past week as I was reminded of the fact that we have been here in Ventura for three years now. It has flown by so fast! I am also very thankful for several things, and I wanted to share them.

First, I am thankful for the city in which I live. I think there is a place on earth specifically for each individual, and I am thankful that I have found my "home sweet home."
We love living in Ventura! As I drive the boys to school each morning, I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains and the majestic glory of the Pacific Ocean. I am so thankful to drop my boys off at a school where they are free to learn about God and enjoy their friends and environment. Then I pull into campus, and I thank God for my opportunity to do what I love, and to serve Him in doing it. So, each morning, even three years later, I am still so very overwhelmed.

This past week, I was also reminded how thankful I am for my health and for my husband. Brooke has been very sick, and I hate seeing her in pain. Gary has been so patient to be up with her every night, and to "wait" on her each day. My blood sugar got low at school one day, and
the paramedics were called. Again, I am so thankful for the Lord's constant watch over me. Everything was fine (after a few minutes and a few injections of glucose), but I was again reminded how fragile life can be. Gary, again, was so patient in coming to pick me up, and not make me feel bad about the whole incident. Thank God for patient husbands.
It has been a long yet busy week, but in the end, I can only say, "Thank you, Lord!"


Juliet said...

Thanks for letting us who just have a wind chill factor of about -24, that you have a much warmer climate to live in.:0)

Those are beautiful pictures that Gary took!

Praise the Lord for the great benefits He bestows upon us daily.

SturgillMom said...

That is an awesome camera..I am sure it has something to do with the photographer also :) We are praying for both you and Brooke! Miss you guys!

Ann-Marie said...

Wonderful photography! I'm glad you're happy...but can't help wishing you lived closer...we miss seeing you and the kids!