Saturday, February 9, 2008

Andrew's Birthday Party

Andrew and some of his friends enjoying cake and opening presents.

Of course, everyone's favorite thing to do is to play endless games!

The birthday boy!

After a morning of basketball games, we had a birthday party for Andrew's 7th birthday coming up on Monday. He invited several friends from school, and we all met at Chuck E. Cheeses. I like having parties there because it is nice to just let the kids play and not have to try and "control" everything. And I don't have to make the pizza :) Andrew was happy because he wanted Bionicles, and he did get three of them. Happy (early) birthday, Buddy!


Juliet said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Michelle & Gary. Where does the time go? In seven more years he will be fourteen. I know, don't rush it, but it does go fast.

Thanks again for the photos. Love you all, Aunt Juliet

SturgillMom said...

My heart dropped when I pulled up your blog and saw these pictures. I was afraid that I had written his birthday down wrong on this years calendar. I did have Spencer's birthday wrong -- I think I am getting old! Anyways, looks like a fun birthday. I am all for having the mess somewhere else :)

Ann-Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Looks like it was quite the party - I'm sure he'll remember all the good times (even when he IS fourteen!). :-)