Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Day

When I awoke this morning and pondered the different events of my day, I was struck by the fact that tomorrow (Friday, February 29, 2008) was an extra day. (This probably was spurred by reading Aunt Juliet's blog.) Anyway, I was kind of motivated to think of this "extra day" as a "free day." Sometimes, when I am teaching, I start class by just babbling about something non-mathematical. Bad idea, today. I started talking about how "God has given us an extra day this year. I think we should have a free day!" Of course, to all of my students that just meant no class! Though I did consider the idea of canceling all my classes for Friday (now known as Free Day), I was unable to do so. I wanted to throw the idea out to you, though: What would it mean to you to have a free day? I think the general consensus at Ventura College was----no school, no work....or teacher brings the donuts :)


Anonymous said...

If I had a "free day" I would like to do absolutelly nothing! And I'd like to do that nothing sitting in my lounge chair with beautiful scenery - maybe by the ocean watching my kids and grandkids having fun.

Juliet said...

Well Michelle, since I am retired, I always feel like I have 365 "free days". Ann-Marie says she wishes she could retire...I told her that she has to put her time in just like the rest of us old retired people.

SturgillMom said...

My free day would consist of endless scrapbooking -- free of little curious hands and pleas for juice/snacks/wiped noses, etc. Please don't think that I am not thankful for those little interupters because I truly am....but a "free day" would be without interuptions :) Anyways, my free day would also include free scrapbooking supplies...wouldn't that be nice! AND, I would also be "free" from this silly diet :)

Tina said...

It is interesting that you ask the question because my husband asked me the same question just last night and we came to the conclusion that I am a very boring person! I think I would be lost if I was given an actual "free day!" All I could come up with was run all the errands that I am behind on! What a blast!

So upon further thought I would have to say I would like to do something with my camera. Shoot pictures, take a class, follow an actual professional around, etc.

The ideal free day would also be free of deadlines. It needs to be done - when I get it done. I need to be home - when I get home. I need to be there - when I get there.