Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday

What a beautiful resurrection Sunday we had here in Southern California. I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt this morning to find their Easter baskets. I love church services on Easter. (I love my church every Sunday, but especially on Easter Sunday.) The kids enjoyed the petting zoo outside after the morning service, and the scavenger hunt after our Easter dinner. It would have been fun to share with all of our long distance family, but instead we send the pictures :(


Ann-Marie said...

What's with the purple-haired poodle in the petting zoo? Is that native to Southern California?! :-) Happy Easter!

Juliet said...

WOW What a great looking group. Just love the pictures. What type of flowering bush is in the background?

SturgillMom said...

I am glad that your boys were matching. Bryant was not happy with me making him match Bryce this year. I think our matchy-matchy days are coming to an end :( Happy Easter! Your kids all looked adorable

The Beard Bunch said...

Ann-Marie, I thought about commenting on the purple poodle, but decided to see if anyone even noticed. Of course you did :) We had a very large poodle that was painted purple and yellow. I am not exactly sure why he was there; I think he belonged to the owners of the sheep. No, it is not a southern CA thing; actually I think it dates back to Chicago (Hee Hee).

Danielle, My boys still like to match. We don't do it much but they are good with it. Gary is the one who protests; "that's kind of gay" he says.

Aunt Juliet, I have no idea what it is called. It is very pretty for a short time; spring is that short time. Most of the year it is just a big green bushy thing. You can tell I am not a green thumb nor do I know my floral technical terms :)