Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some things you don't see everyday

I have to start by saying that we serve an amazing and powerful God! I have been so reminded of that today. First, when Wesley was sick with a cold in January, the doctor heard an irregular heartbeat. An EKG was done and verified the irregularity. After the cold was gone, the doctor wanted to re-test to see if it was still there. It was still irregular. Today, the whole family went to a pediatric cardiologist in Thousand Oaks, CA. Wesley (and mom) was somewhat nervous about the appointment. Thanks for those who prayed! The specialist said that his heart is in great shape. (The doctor also said that he will grow to be a rather tall boy. How can he tell that from an ultrasound of his heart, I do not know). Their is an irregular heartbeat, and so they put the pictured chords on Wesley. He has to wear it for 24 hours and do his usual schedule. It continually monitors his heartbeats. The doctor will then be able to have a more accurate picture of what Wesley's heart is doing over a longer period of time. The doctor said that if there is a problem, it would probably be something like anemia or a thyroid issue. Thank the Lord that we were made aware of the issue, and can be alerted to it. Thank the Lord also for good health insurance :)
(Yes, Wesley can wear a shirt. He is just choosing not to here. He wanted to show off his "stickers.")

Once we pulled out of the doctor's office, we were at a stop light behind one car. Right before our eyes, and including the car in front of us was a 4 car collision. We pulled to the side of the road immediately after and Gary went to help the people who were involved. He had quite a difficult time getting one lady's door open. Thankfully, no one was injured. The police held us for about a half an hour to be "witnesses" and verify the story of the individuals involved (all of whom were quite shaken up). The kids were amazed! They watched the whole thing happen and kept saying, "This is so cool." "Here comes the ambulance and the fire truck." I felt kind of bad that they actually enjoyed the whole tragedy so thoroughly. I kept reminding them of how we have to be careful when we are driving and how God is in control of even our cars. It was a good and dramatic lesson. When all of this was said and done, we took the kids to a large indoor playground. It was fun! I think I needed to burn off some energy, as well!


Anonymous said...

Was this your show-n-tell at school today? You're a brave soul Wesley! We've been praying for you. We love you. Gramma and Papa

Juliet said...

Thanks for the picture of Wesley all wired up. We can be very thankful for the advance technology we have today.

Trust all will go well. And I'm glad that you have good health insurance.

Ann-Marie said...

Brave little soldier!

It's funny he is hooked up to all those wires and is also playing video games - it looks like he's hooked up to virtual reality!

I'll pray all continues to go well!

Charity said...

Michelle At daycare last year we were on the playground and the house across the street caught on fire in one of the bedrooms! the kids were excited and even more so when the firetrucks came and sprayed. I felt bad that they were ooing and awing over the destruction and I felt even worse when the firemen were taking their pictures. I thought for sure the newspaper would say South Haven Kids enjoy a house fire while on their playground... or something.

SturgillMom said...

I can't wait to show Bryant that picture of Wes all wired up :) We will be praying for him!

My kids would have been scared out of their mind that the police were coming to take them away because they had probably forgotten to put their seat belt on :) No, really they would have been awe struck too!