Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day at the beach

I made a summer schedule for the kids, just to give them a planned activity each day. We may go to the library, or have a baking day, or a field trip...... Today, we went to the beach. We live so close, yet do not get to it that often. It was fun to play in the sand and watch Wesley swim in the water.

By the way, Gary and I did make an offer on a house this week. It is an amazing story of how God has been working. However, the story ends, I will be sure to share it once we get the details. Be praying that God's will is accomplished in this area.


Ann-Marie said...

New house?! Yea! First I've heard about it. I'll be praying. And the beach looks inviting!

Wes is looking like a "young man" now, instead of a boy. How old is he?

SturgillMom said...

Love the beach pictures....we hope to get some beach pictures soon :) A summer schedule does sound like a good idea. Hey, if we are swimming in our ocean at the same time you are swimming in your ocean, would it be true to say that we went swimming together??

The Beard Bunch said...

Ann-marie, Wesley is going to be turning 9 in July. After your comment, I looked back at his picture and thought, "Yes, he does look like a young man." Somewhat scary thought.

Danielle, I will take it anyway I can get it, so yes, we should go swimming together. How far are you from the coast????? Can you believe we live about as far from each other as humanly possible to remain in the same country? :(

Juliet said...

I'm excited about your bidding on a house. We will also be praying for you.

Isn't it just great to live so close to the ocean. Your kids are growing way too fast for me. So glad that you keep us all up-to-date on events in their lives.