Friday, June 6, 2008

Do we really see them?

Brooke loves to listen to music and watch Christian music videos. Some of my favorite times are sitting in my glider with her and listening to music. Her and I just sing it out! This was a video that I came across, and the message just reached my heart. No matter what type of music you like, please watch the video. The message is very clear and one that I think we all need to adhere.

I know I "see" my students at the college and am burdened for them, but how many lost people pass me every day, and I just don't see them. It is easy to get busy watching the kids, viewing the scenery, gasping at the price of gasoline, or trying to figure out where you are going, but we miss the people that cross our paths every day. Hey, I am not getting "preachey" but I do think it is an important message----one that convicted me, and I just wanted to share.

Sometimes the video takes a long time to load. Be sure to let it all load before you start playing it :)


Wendy said...

I love the colors of your blog-- so warm and pretty.
Sorry, I know this isn't about the post. I've gotta watch the video-- first had to comment on the pretty site and pics! :-)

Juliet said...

Thanks once again for the reminder of one of the reason we are here. Telling others of Christ's love.

Tina said...

I watched this video a while ago and it brought me to tears. It also left quite an imprint on my heart and I think of it often.

A very powerful message - thank you for the reminder!