Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the Beards! We enjoyed a BBQ and smores and fireworks with several families from our church. We were in charge of bringing the dessert. We settled on chocolate chip cookies (good Rehfeldt tradition) and flag brownies.

Just an update on my last post. We have not heard much in regards to the house. We are dealing with a bank, and they work at their own pace. Our realtor told us that one of the offers was better than ours by $10,000 with more money down, so we counter offered our own offer and raised the price by $15,000. I don't know if this will make a difference. It is in the Lord's hands. We somewhat expect that if we were going to be able to purchase the home that we would have heard something by now. So, we continue to wait.

Thanks for your calls and prayers regarding my tests this week. I actually was also having some severe pains below my chest for this last week. So on Wednesday, I was in the doctor's office all day. One good thing about being diabetic is that the doctors feel free to run every test on you. I know that my heart is in good condition (EKG), my liver is functioning well and my gallbladder is not infected (blood tests). My nerve test also came back with clear results. So, there is no problem with the nerves in my legs. In fact, that specialist said, "You look great, particularly for being diabetic for almost 30 years." Regarding the recent pains below my chest (and lack of sleep), the doctor put me on some medicine and said I probably have an upper stomach infection. Unfortunately, it has not taken away my appetite :)

It was a fun day today, and thankfully, I was feeling much better! Hope you all enjoyed your different fireworks, wherever it was they shot up from!!!!


SturgillMom said...

Glad to hear that your tests went well, but are you still in pain??? Are they going to run more tests to figure out the problem? Miss you guys....are those brownies half-the-fat since they have fruit on them :)

Juliet said...

Would love a piece of that cake!

So glad to read that many test came back okay. We'll keep you in our prayers concerning the home.

The Beard Bunch said...

Since I am on medicine, I am not in any more pain with the stomach infection. Regarding my legs, I am not sure what the doctor will do next; he is somewhat confused as to what is up with me. Thankfully, it is not a constant nuisance.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm so glad you are not in pain anymore! Mom relayed some of the news to me earlier, so I was rejoicing in the news you are okay! We will keep praying about the house, definitely.

What I can't believe is how BIG Brooke is getting - she's too cute, Michelle. Oh, and yea - SEE what I meant about long posts...I feel like the master!

CANDICE said...

I love that picture of your kids! It's really cute! Well.... they are cute not the picture. Lol. Looks like you had fun. I hope you are doing better.