Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday #9!

Wesley loves mint chip ice cream, so I made him an ice cream cake. Yum! I told him that he can't get too much older or we would start running out of room for all the candles on his cake.

The only thing he told us that he wanted for his birthday was money or Verticon. Gary and Andrew and Brooke took a trip to Toys 'R Us and purchased this item while I distracted Wesley elsewhere. Verticon is a game where the "floating balls" fight each other and you have to pick which one you think will last the longest. They come with weapons also. Boys and their toys, particularly my boys and their "fighting" toys.

Happy Birthday, to my oldest! I love you, bud. Wesley is a first born child and manifests it well in his drive, ambition, intelligence, and leadership. These qualities are also mixed in with his clumsiness and great compassion. Who would have thought nine years ago that my littlest baby (5 pounds) could grow to be such a big boy (not even a head shorter than me and nearly 100 pounds)? Wesley is most proud of his family; he told me yesterday that he is so glad that God gave him a great family. His best friend is his brother, and his hero is his dad. I don't know where that puts Brooke and I, but we will settle for being the only women in his life. :)


Juliet said...

Happy Birthday Wesley!!

Just love that first picture of the three of them. Great Smiles!

SturgillMom said...

Mint chip ice cream....I guess there is SOME Sturgill in that boy :) Happy Birthday, Wes!!! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Papa and Gramma were so excited to get an invitation to your birthday party next week, Wes! Can't wait to see you all.

Ann-Marie said...

Happy B-day, Big W!

I have to say I love your kitchen, Michelle! It looks so bright and cheery. The "only women in his life" line made me smile!