Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am stuck somewhere between CA and the mid-west

This past week was the beginning of a new year of classes at the college. No matter what, my first week seems to bring out the fact that I am not a "California-born" citizen. My students often remark that I have an interesting "accent", and I readily share that I actually grew up in the mid-west and have since set my roots here in southern CA. So, as the question was raised again this past week, it got me thinking about how things are different here in southern CA. I made a short list, that I thought my truly mid-west family might appreciate.

Things that I do (or did) in CA just because I grew up in the mid-west:

1. I say y'all. (I don't know if this is just a personal thing, but I say it often and normally am asked where I am from)
2. I wear a sweater in January, simply because it is January.
3. I believed that church attire includes nylons and dress shoes. (I have since eradicated that idea.)
4. I am surprised to see coupons or advertisements written in both English and Spanish.
5. I believe one should only get on the freeway when taking a "trip."

6. The price of a very small house makes me gasp.
7. The idea of swimming outdoors on Christmas day is humorous.
8. I actually want to "feel" an earthquake.
9. I still stare at the ocean and beach each time I drive by it because I am overwhelmed by how beautiful it really is.

10. I don't feel a need to have a tan in the fall and winter----isn't it just a summer thing????

Well, that is my list. I had fun writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I have lived here in southern CA for 4 years, and I hope to never leave it. I love where I live, but I also love the fact that I do have roots in the mid-west, and there are parts of me that will never forget about it.


Tamrik said...

For us mid-westerners to live in California would be a dream. The awesome skylines, the beautiful ocean - so close by and summer all year round. I am thankful to still be here where I am - although it would be neat to be somewhere else at time. I LOVE to scrapbook, BUT seem to get VERY little done. Someday! I told Caleb about getting 9 year old pictures taken and he said he didn't like his smile right now - could we wait.
: ( Do they all go through this stage?

Ann-Marie said...

I'm glad you still claim us, too!

I don't think I could ever wear dress clothes without nylons and dress shoes...but then again, I DON'T live in CA!

I just can't imagine not seeing the leaves change and watching the snow fall...but I'm betting the ocean and all the beautiful beaches more than make up for it!

Juliet said...

When your Mom was down and mentioned that you had only been in CA for only 4 years, I made the comment that it seems like you have always lived there.

I have no desire to feel an earthquake but living in the vault could happen.

I could never give up the change of seasons! But I am very happy that you love CA.

Juliet said...

Correction: Fault Line

SturgillMom said...

Well, I am very happy that you love CA, but I think that you could love SC too :) Wouldn't that be fun?!?!?! I got a chuckle out of your list....I get comments often about where I am from, too!