Sunday, August 31, 2008

Package from Mamaw

This is a pictorial thank-you to Mamaw and Papaw for the packages! Wesley, Andrew, and Brooke each received their own package. They had so much fun opening it. Gary knew his mom was sending them a "noisy" monkey, but the package contained much more than just a monkey.
We had just gotten back from Toys 'R Us where we had to buy gifts for a birthday party and a baby shower. I had to convince Brooke to save her $1.75, rather than spend it on some candy. So, coming home to open this fun package was especially enjoyed by her. Thanks again, Mamaw!


SturgillMom said...

We love care packages in our house, too! It just gives you a reminder that people miss you....I need to do a better job of sending them to people

Juliet said...

You can never have too many grandparents! I think blessings are received by both the giver and the receivers.

May you all enjoy those packages. Love, Aunt Juliet