Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Wesley said it this way: "We have enough candy to last us three months." I hope so! Notice how good they are at organizing the candy into different types.

We had a fun night walking the neighborhoods nearby. Wesley's mummy costume lasted only half of the night; it started falling off, which actually gave it a little more character :) He changed into Darth Vader on our second round of the evening. In case you needed to know, Andrew is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Brooke is the green M&M.

I wish we could have stopped at each one of your doors, but since we could not, here is our wish to you and our very own "Trick or Treat!"


CANDICE said...

Every time I look at WEsley's costume I just keep laughing... I'm sure the intention was to scare people? LOl. THere so cute!

Juliet said...

Oh how I wished you they could have stopped at our home. Would love to see them.

Since I was still under the weather, Ann-Marie and my friend Jackie came over and answered the door for me.

Tell the kids that Uncle Gary will only buy the full sized candy bars to hand out. Our treaters love that too!

Ann-Marie said...

Brooke looks so sleepy! Do they all three share candy? And do you charge a parent tax?

Anonymous said...

Wesley looks HUGE and scary! The stash looks like what we got when we were kids - we liked sorting it out as well - then we gave away what we didn't like!
Wish we could be there. Gramma

The Beard Bunch said...

Yes, Ann-Marie! The parent tax is mandatory, too :) Thankfully, they are more than willing to pay up.