Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians

The boys had a special chapel service at school today, in honor of Thanksgiving. They were encouraged to dress up as Pilgrims or Indians. Of course, an Indian is much more fun :) In fact, as I pulled into school to drop the boys off, I was overwhelmed by the sight of all the Indians.

In the special service, Andrew quoted Psalm 100 with his class. Wesley was a bit nervous because he had to do a reading of Scripture, all by himself. I was unable to attend, but Wesley told me: "It was all the kids, pre-school up to 8th grade and lots of parents." Andrew said Wesley did a great job.

I am thankful for a school in which this important topic of thankfulness is given due recognition. The children also presented canned foods and packages for needy children.


Anonymous said...

Even as an Indian, Andrew looks so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Lots of love. Gramma

Ann-Marie said...

He looks so serious! :-) What a great Native American costume. I'm so glad to hear he did a great job. Happy Thanksgiving from Brett and me!

Juliet said...

Him maketh good looking Indian!

Great picture! A Happy Thanksgiving to the Beard household.

We will be in Geneva, Il. with the Soderstom family.