Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend---Christmas preparations and birthday cookies

Amy was able to spend the weekend with us, but more importantly, Saturday was her birthday. When she walked into our house on Wednesday, I was baking pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. She said, "Oh, I want some of my mom's butter cookies!" So, for her birthday, she spent most of the day making and frosting them. They turned out pretty good and tasted great! Happy 20th birthday, cousin!

Thanksgiving weekend always includes the Christmas tree decorating for the Beard family. This year was a bit different in that we purchased an artificial tree. When Gary was pulling it out of the box, Brooke asked, "Is that a real tree, daddy?" After his reply, she stated, "It looks kind of funny." Well, we had a little work to do to get it into shape, but the outcome was satisfying. All three kids enjoy putting up their ornaments---they get a new one each year.

Getting ready for tree decorating----- as reindeer??????


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with those cookies! I'm glad you had a great time. The "two" reindeer are adorable - what happened to Wesley? Love, Gramma

Charity said...

I was wondering what the awful disease was that only two of your children had contracted. Good to know it was just the Christmas Spirit!

Juliet said...

Those are great looking cookies! Did Amy do those all by herself?

The picture I liked was Gary in his shorts! Must be nice. I'm already sick of snow. Isn't that sad.

Thanks again for those photos of everyone.

Ann-Marie said...

Man, those cookies look good! I'm SO hungry! :-) I love the red noses...also glad it isn't a disease! I thought the same thing as Charity! I can't believe how fast your kids are growing! WOW!