Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year! I use to be an advocate of resolutions; however, after repeated years of not keeping them or feeling discouraged about my failure in accomplishing as much as I had hoped, I threw out the whole resolution idea. This year is different for me! I have set two major goals, which I will not share. They are very personal items that I have set as a target for myself in my own personal life. See, this year is somewhat important to me: the 9's have always been years of significance in my life. Let me explain what I mean:

1969: I was not alive during this year, but my parents got married in 1969 and that was important in my own welfare :)

1979: This was the year that I developed Type I juvenile diabetes. As a young child, my life changed dramatically. I will never know what it is like to be "guilt-free" in eating. I must continually juggle the amount of activity I do with the foods I eat, the stress I am under, and the amount of insulin I have taken. The Lord gave me a disease that I can live with, and He has used it in many ways to bring His name glory; however, 1979 was the start of the lifelong challenge for me.

1989: This was probably one of the funnest years of my life. I graduated from high school and started college at Maranatha. As a young adult, I really enjoyed myself and my new-found freedoms.

1999: This was the year that I gave my birth to my firstborn, Wesley. I love being a mother, and it all started in 1999.

That brings us to 2009. These former 9's, you must admit, were all life-changing and rather climactic events. So, the question looms......What will happen to me in 2009??????

I am not worried, nor am I apprehensive. You see, I am not superstitious, either. I don't think the number of the year plays any role in life events. must admit, it is rather ironic.


Juliet said...

That was very interesting. At the end of 2009..if we are both still here, will you reveal your goals?

One of mine goals this year is to do a program of reading the Bible through a four year program. Then I'm not rushed and I beleive that I will remember more of the scriptures I read. Everyone is different, but for me, I'm going with this plan.

Praying for you and your 2009 goals. Happy New Year!!!

The Beard Bunch said...

Yes, I will! I hope to be able to say that I accomplished them, as well. I love your reading through the Bible idea. I have always frowned on programs in which reading is like a chore---read 6 chapters, rather than a delight. Good thought!

Ann-Marie said...

I loved reading all your nines! That was a cool way to wrap up the year. I love 1969, too...since Brett was born that year!