Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Day

Andrew woke up on Friday morning, and said, "I am so excited. Today is my birthday party day!" Andrew will turn 8 on Wednesday, so we decided to celebrate with his two best friends this weekend. We had cake and opened presents, and then went bowling. It was a fun evening with three very well-behaved little boys (and one big boy and little girl :) ).


Anonymous said...

Wow, Andrew - 8! You certainly look like you've grown since we saw you last. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love you and really miss not being there for such special days. Gramma

Juliet said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Looks like you had a great party with your friends.

Michelle, I believe that I have the same green table runner as you.

Michelle, if you get time and want to read some really interesting letters from family members, go to my blog and click on Linda Sister 2. She has done a lot of work from letters she received and photo to go along with the letters.

Ann-Marie said...

Happy belated birthday, Andrew! I love the bowling pics!