Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a puzzle

Gramma sent Andrew a puzzle as part of his birthday package. I am not sure who has enjoyed it the most. We have all had our hands in to get the project completed. One night, Gary was getting close to finishing the puzzle, and I asked him to let the boys finish it. When they woke up the next morning, it was sitting on the coffee table with about 8 pieces remaining. Wesley and Andrew were happy to finish it. I told them we should glue and frame it. They want to save it and do it again. Who thought we could all have such fun with a puzzle? Gramma probably knew we would enjoy it; she is good that way :)


Ann-Marie said...

Wow! What a fun family thing. I remember Aunt Kathy and Grandma (our Grandma, that is) loved to do puzzles together!

Juliet said...

Along that same vein...I have one of Aunt Kathy's framed glued puzzle picture that I put in our living room during the Christmas season. It's of two girls..just beautiful.

So why not carry on one of the family's traditions.

Gary and I enjoy going to his step-mom. She always has a puzzle going on her dinning room table.

It was indeed a great gift that all could enjoy.