Monday, March 2, 2009

Brooke, an example of child-like faith

Last night was a tender moment for me as a mother. We were driving on our way to the evening church service at Ventura Baptist Church. The three kids were all seated in the back seat. We all noticed the bright, setting sun in front of us; it was a beautiful scene. Wesley remarked, “Wow, that is so cool! I want God to come back right now and take us all to heaven.” There was a bit of a pause, and then Wesley continued….”Wait, not right now, because Brooke is not a Christian.” The boys know that there is only one way to heaven, and Brooke has never accepted Christ as her Savior. This is something that they have mentioned on several occasions….”I am glad our whole family is saved….except Brooke…..” and other such comments. It was not a personal attack against her; they just knew and wanted her to choose Christ as well.

Several days ago, I was talking with Brooke while she was taking her bath. She brought up the subject of becoming a Christian. I asked her if she believed God,why Christ died for her, and if she had ever sinned. She understood some parts better than others, and she believed, but she was also very distracted. Typical 5 year old mind---after a few minutes of discussion, she breaks the topic at hand with something as inconsequential as….”Here, can you wash my back?” or “Ducky is cold” or “I really like pink washcloths.” Such was the case this evening, with one exception----she had really paid attention and really comprehended. I let the matter rest and prayed that she would think about it and that God would work in her heart.

So, with this backdrop, the matter continues in the car. Brooke says, “I want to be a Christian….right now.” I don’t want to push my children into making prayers and claims that they do not understand, so I do not push this area. I remained quiet. Brooke continued, more seriously…”I want to be a Christian.” I told her, “Brooke you can talk to God anytime that you want.” Then I remained silent. The boys were not going to let this rest. Andrew said, “Brooke, you have to pray. Now fold your hands and close your eyes.” Oh, the beauty of the mechanics of prayer! Brooke did exactly as Andrew stated. He then said, “Dear God….” Brooke repeated, “Dear God…” Andrew said, “Come into my heart and save me.” Brooke said, “Come into….” “Wait,” Wesley exclaimed. Andrew looked at him knowing what was coming next: “I forgot the next part,” Andrew conceded. Wesley picked up….”Brooke, you have to believe God and that Jesus died for your sins. You have to tell him that you want to be a Christian and that you want to be saved. You have to ask him to forgive your sins.” I think he covered all the bases. Though driving, I am sure I can picture the looks on all of their faces. Brooke, after a moment’s hesitation, stated, “I prayed!” I asked her if she believed in God. “Yes,” she replied. "Does Jesus love you?" “Yes,” she knowingly answered. "Do you want to follow Christ?" “Yes!” she adamantly stated. I am not sure if she was expecting lightning or some earth shattering sign from God, but she was amazed at the simplicity of salvation. “Brooke,” I stated, “the Bible says that if you believe on Jesus, then you are saved. That is all that it takes.” "Am I a Christian right now?", she questioned, again, amazed at the simplicity of accepting Christ as Savior. “Yeah! Brooke is saved,” the boys were exclaiming in the backseat. “I am a Christian,” Brooke stated, the reality of her new-found faith settling in. With children, it is always hard to discern what is going on in their heart and mind vs. what is going on from the outward appearance. We arrived at church, and I was even more pleased. We got out of the car and Brooke stopped me before running off to her class…”Mom, remember the other day in the tub….. I’ve been thinking about that.” Off she went. Thank you, Lord, for childlike faith. Your word says to have faith like a child. It is good to see it in action in my children’s lives.


Juliet said...

There is perhaps no greater joy than to see our children follow the Lord. But it all starts with true understanding of what salvation truly is.

What a wonderful moment this had to be for all of you. Brooke, welcome into God's family.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to let Brooke know that there is great rejoicing in heaven! And also in Watertown! God is so good. Gramma

Ann-Marie said...

Welcome to her most important family! That is the best news, Michelle - rejoicing with you!

SturgillMom said...

WOW! I have tears in my eyes reading that! SO precious :) Thanks for sharing that sweet moment with us