Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

One of my favorite Sundays of the year is Easter Sunday. I love walking into church when we have to park off site because the parking lot is so full. I love the bright colors everyone is wearing. I love the praise music. I love when the choir sings, and the special music is shared. One of the kids said, "I am so glad I am a Christian. People who are not saved do not have much to be happy about." It was kind of my feeling as I sat in church this morning. When I picked Brooke up from her class, her teacher asked: "Brooke, tell your mom the good news. Jesus is...." Brooke said, "He died on the cross." True, Brooke, but I don't think that was what he is looking for. "Jesus is alive!"


Juliet said...

I am in agreement with It's great to be a Christian. We had an awsome worship service Sunday. It was nice to have you Mom and Dad enjoy it with us at Heritage.

Brooke looks so pretty in her new dress. Are those real flowers near her dress? They are beautiful.

And I can see that everyone enjoyed the egg hunt.

Ann-Marie said...

I see the Easter bunny was good to your kids this year! :-) I've often wondered what the unsaved find to be happy in - I can't imagine life without our Light!