Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Gramma!

Happy mothers day to my mother! I borrowed this idea from a friend, and we had fun answering the questions about my mom (their gramma).

How old is gramma?
Wesley: 58 (He is off to a very accurate start)
Andrew: 62
Brooke: 75

How tall is gramma?
Andrew: 1 million feet
Brooke: This tall (and she raised her hand and jumped)
Wesley: 5' 11"

What is gramma good at doing?
Wesley: Making kids happy
Andrew: (answered rather quickly) Making chocolate chip zucchini muffins
Brooke: Making french toast

What does gramma say to you?
Andrew: Let's go to the park.
Wesley: I love you (all three agreed on this one)
Brooke: Hi!

If gramma were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Andrew: Goofy
Brooke: Minnie Mouse
Wesley: Velma (on Scooby-doo)

What is gramma's favorite thing to do?
Wesley: Be with us
Andrew: Gardening
Brooke: Hug me

What do you want to tell gramma today?
Andrew: You rock!
Wesley: I love you.... and keep sending us gifts.
Brooke: I love you!

Who does gramma love most in the world?
All three answered at once: ME!!!


Juliet said...

Can't wait for Ann-Marie to ask Samuel those questions...a few years from now!

Great Q & A's!

Anonymous said...

Good answers, kids!
I'm just glad you didn't ask them how much I weigh!

Ann-Marie said...

Well, we know it's true that "Gramma" does love them all "the most!" This was SO funny, Michelle!

CANDICE said...

I second Andrew on the chocolate chip zucchini muffins! Those are the best!Also, I laughed so hard when saw Grandma looks like "Velma"! I"m still laughing.