Thursday, July 16, 2009

A family visit

We were so excited to have some family come visit us here in Southern CA. Since most of our family is in the mid-west, it is difficult for them to get out here (except my wonderful parents :) )Aaron, Linda and their 4 kids came out for a week. I think the kids were most excited about the plane trip, but we kept them busy for the week and had a great time. The slide show is a compilation of our visit with them. Thank you, Aaron and Linda, for coming out to see us! We sure do love you all. When we were in the car after leaving them, Wesley said, "I sure do miss my cousins!"

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Juliet said...

Wow! I know it was great to have the cousins to together! That's the only thing I hate when family lives so far away. Thankful for PC that at least keep us up on how everyone is doing.

Thanks for all those photos. I did look thru Linda's photos on facebook. It was a fun filled week. And everyone looks so great.