Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school for everyone

Today was the first day of school for everyone. Wesley started 5th grade; Andrew is now in third grade; but, the biggest adventure was for Little Miss Brooke, who began first grade today. I even had my first day of classes at the college.

It was a great day overall for all of them. Wesley's favorite part was learning that he is not required to write in cursive. (He hates writing in cursive.) Andrew did not share too much with me, but he came home with a Chinese hat???? I asked Brooke what she did: "I wrote a page of letters. It was O." Did you read today? "No, we had free reading time, but Ms. Darby said I could just look at the pictures." Ha :) I am thankful, again, for a Christian school with a great dedicated staff. Here is to a great year of school.

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Juliet said...

It hard to believe that summer is almost over and kids are returning to school.

Our Little Miss Brooke...even harder to believe that she has started first grade.

When I think of won't be long and we'll see photos of him going off to school. That's how fast time goes...I know it will be a little while.