Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrew turns 9!

Andrew celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday! He had a party with the boys from his class on Tuesday; however, I took no pictures (oops!). Today, we went to the talent show at school and then followed that with presents and ice cream cake.

Andrew has 12 Webkinz; however, he still likes to get another one. Here he is with "Lava."

Money is fun! Today, we are going shopping!

I always let the kids pick their birthday cake type. Andrew wanted an ice cream cake, and I decided to be creative and try to make one. Let me just say that it sounds much easier than it was. They sure did enjoy the finished product, however!

I thank God for a nine-year old boy with a tender heart and a sensitive spirit. He has so many gifts---musically, rhythmically, artistically, and athletically; however, the best part of Andrew is his spirit! I pray that in another 9 years, he grows physically, but keeps that same spirit.


Juliet said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! What did you buy with all that money?

Michelle, praying he will also keep his wonderful spirit as he grows older.

I'm sure that it is hard to believe that he is now nine!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! I will always remember when Andrew told me that it's not a birthday 'til you "eat the cake!" It looks like a yummy cake to me!!! Gramma