Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A quick weekend trip

Though most of the people who read this blog are my family, whom I was blessed to spend time with this past weekend, I still want to post some of my favorite pictures. I flew from LAX to Chicago on Thursday, where my brother, Michael, was also flying in from South Carolina. We were picked up by Aaron and Linda and then proceeded to the hotel, where we completely surprised my mom for her 60th birthday.

On Friday, we enjoyed much walking and shopping to and around Navy Pier, where Mom, Aaron, and I rode the HUGE ferris wheel. Aaron, as always, was quite a riot :)

On both days, we enjoyed the "tastes of Chicago"---Chicago hot dogs and some deep dish pizza.

As a true Californian, I was amused in a variety of ways. I am familiar with signs that say to watch out for falling rocks, but I have never seen the one pictured below.

Mom and I enjoyed a good snowball fight!

What a special weekend we were able to share! It was a particular blessing to be able to enjoy the adults without the kids (thanks Gary and Danielle for helping with that). I know each of us have special memories that this Sturgill crew will treasure for many years.


Janice Sturgill said...

Thanks for posting this. We all have a little different twist of what stuck out in our minds. The classic picture is definitely the one Linda got of us with the Chicago buildings in the background. Thank you again so much for everything. It was perfect! Love you. Mom

Juliet said...

Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town!! Oh that pizza looks so delicious!

What great photos and memories. Love the one with Linda watching for falling ice. Or was that falling snow?

And it was even a surprise for me to get to see Michael and you visiting Grandma.

Tamrik said...

I was REALLY glad that you were able to make it in to see Gramma as well. Oh and then I got to see you too.