Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our gymnast in training

Brooke started a summer gymnastics program on Friday night. She was very excited, and so was I to watch her go! She is going to be in a cheerleading program this fall, and she loves "practicing."

She did a great job. She is somewhat a natural (unlike her mother) and her body just goes and flows.

I need to work on getting better pictures, but she did learn to do a cartwheel. Well, she got over, but we still have to work on getting the legs straight up. She also learned to do a handstand and land on her feet----that was the challenge!


Charity said...

Yay, Brooke! Brielle was taking Gymnastics this Spring and will continue in the fall. Shelo loved it!

Juliet said...

I was glad to see this posted on facebook. I've been trying to catch-up with my blog. Sometimes I end up doing 3 at a times. Being in a big family keeps me hopping.

Brooke seems to be loving gymnast. Great job Brooke.