Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wesley

Last night on the way home, Wesley made the remark that now he is a "pre-teen" so...... The thought amazed me that my oldest child is now 11 years old. We spent his birthday with some friends from church at a friend's swimming pool. We all got much sun!

Wesley really wanted a new video game (as pictured), and Gary really wanted to get Wesley a new set of clubs. Wesley really enjoys playing golf with his dad. Gramma and Poppa bought the bag for him when they were here last week.

Home-made waffles for breakfast---with a birthday candle in it :)

Wesley also had a party last Friday with a couple of friends from school.

I am so thankful for an oldest child who is a good leader and a strong advocate for what is right. Of course, he has his moments, but all in all, I am very proud to be his mother :)

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