Tuesday, August 10, 2010

....and his name is Sherman

We have never been a family with a pet. This was not because we do not love animals or think that they are cute. However, neither Gary nor I are too sentimental in this area, nor do we need any extra thing to take care of. Our kids have lately been begging for a pet, mostly a dog. Gary gets very sensitive to pet hair and smells, so that has been a big obstacle in ever acquiring a pet.

This past Sunday, we visited some friends, and I really liked the fish that sat in a vase as a centerpiece on their table. They told us how it was so easy and low maintenance. My ears perked up! So, it is possible to have a pet and have low maintenance (cost and work).

Today, Brooke and I set out to find our fish (he is a Betta fish). We also created a similar home to the one that our friends had used. While driving home, Brooke watched him in the backseat and constantly monitored his progress: "He is doing good." "He likes to dance to the music." "He is doing the wamba, wamba" (a dance move Brooke named and then imitated his fish dancing moves). As soon as we pulled into the house, Brooke said: "I am so glad that we now have a pet. Andrew and I had two snails and three worms in the backyard, but the worms died, and the snails ran away." I hope we have better luck with our fish.

Oh, by the way, our friends had named their fish Herman, so we called our new pet, Sherman!

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Janice Sturgill said...

That is too cute. I love the name Sherman - you know I grew up (along with my 11 siblings) on Sherman Avenue - so it is sentimental - I love him already! Have fun watching your new pet!