Friday, December 31, 2010

And baby makes six

Before anyone reads the title and thinks the impossible....that we are going to be having a sixth member of the Beard household, I must confess: the impossible has been accomplished.

You see, it really was impossible that Gary would ever let us get a dog. He hated the dog fur, dog smell, dog....well, everything. After getting Sherman (our betta fish) six months ago, the kids have been very responsible in taking care of him. So, for Christmas (actually more like a New Year's gift), Gary wanted to surprise us all by purchasing a dog. Let me introduce you to Buddy, our Border Terrier/ Chihuahua mix. He is just 13 weeks old.

Now, while taking care of a fish is definitely the world's easiest job---feed him a bit in the morning and change his water once every couple weeks. There is no clean-up, no noise, and no chewed shoes. The kids (and Gary) are ready to take on this additional responsibility. I must say, he has already won our hearts (well, not quite mine, I am waiting for him to not pee on the floor) :)

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