Sunday, February 26, 2012

A blessing in disguise

As Christians, we think of blessings as things that God does for us that make our life better. We consider good health, a home, loving family, godly friends, and beautiful things in nature as blessings. I agree that these are blessings from God, and I pray I never forget the source of all that is good.

However, I think many of God's blessings don't always FEEL like blessings. I found out this past week that I have an autoimmune disease that may cause me some discomfort in my future. After confirmation of this disease, I had an unexplainable peace. Not just peace that God would be with me (for which I am thankful), but peace that this was a good thing. It will most likely not feel good, but it will be good for me.

The following song is one that captures this truth so beautifully. Not always are God's blessings enjoyable things to share with others. Sometimes His blessings cause us physical pain or emotional discomfort. Sometimes His blessings hurt!

I think a blessing is any act that God sends our way to make us more into the image of His son that we need to be. I realized that God needs to give me this disease to make me more like Himself. He will better use me because of my weakness. He will accomplish His way in me more if I am dealing with this discomfort.

I have many family members who are struggling with all different kinds of pain. Many of them are physical, some related to loss or pain, and others are uncertainties. But, in all of these things I encourage us to know that God is in control (which I think we all like to believe), but if we really believed it, then we would not worry about the future. He is shaping us today for what He has in store for us tomorrow.

Thank you God for my blessings......even those that I sometimes don't like to feel :)


Unknown said...

That's a tough lesson. It's taken a lot for the Lord to begin teaching me that same lesson. Most often the most beneficial things and moments in our lives are those moments that are the most challenging. There are many days I wish I could simply "arrive" at Christlikeness so that God could be done with the hard work of maturing me. Apparently, He's not done yet in either of us. I love you and am so thankful for the blessing of a godly sister.

Janice Sturgill said...

I love you!

Juliet said...

As always..right on target. I will confess to you that I have never rejoiced (And the Bible does say, "Rejoice in ALL things.) when God took my wonderful husband home. But at the same time I knew he was conforming me to His image. And as the song says,..."this is not our home." Love you, Aunt Juliet