Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little surgery....a little history

I have been working with a dentist for the past couple of years on doing some grafting on my  gums.  He called me up last week and asked if I would be willing to drive to USC and be the patient that he would perform surgery on as a lab case to his dentist students.  Hey, a free surgery!!  I took him up on his offer.  Gary and the kids decided to drive me down to LA and we made a day of the whole ordeal.  We showed the kids some history of LA items.  In the morning, we went to Watts Towers and Wrigley field in LA (now just a little league field). 


  After my surgery, we went to Hollywood, Pinks Hot dogs, Angel Flight, and the Fashion District in LA.  Of course, after my surgery, I was unable to eat one of those delicious hot dogs, and I walked around with an ice pack on my face :)  Overall, a fun (though semi-painful) day!

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Janice Sturgill said...

I would have hated to not be able to eat those hot dogs! What a blessing to have the surgery done in such a unique way, though! Great pictures - as always makes me miss you all- all the more